Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What You May Not Want to Hear

As you read on you will see that:
*I am a Bible living Christian... Will you write me off?
*I am a stay-at-home mother of 3 who had them all through natural process...(marriage, pregnancy, labor, no drugs, delivery)... and breast fed each of them & believe motherhood to be the highest call of womanhood. Have you given up on me now?
*I have only EVER had sex with my husband. Am I too narrow of an individual for you?
*I have strong convictions, and voice my opinions, but do not believe that everyone needs to be just like me in order for them to be my friend, but don't ask to marry my daughters :) Is that too blunt for you?
*Writing, taking photos,& reading bring order and cohesion to the different pieces of my life and stabilize memories. Do you mind coming along on the journey without harshly judging my sometimes menopausal ravings? Or will you run away?
I believe we were created for relationship. This petite, sassy, Christ-centered, monogamous, artsy, opinionated, open-hearted, earthmuffin with some fashion sense, homescooling, penny-pinching, romantic, American lady won't try to turn your lable inside-out.
Relationship is give and take, understanding and questioning, listening and dialoging, comforting and challenging. Shall we?

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Mariah said...

Hi I just found you through Sara at and followed your "about" to here! I kind of wished we lived next door so we could have coffee (or tea, as I'm working on cutting down on caffeine!) and chat about the all the things we seem to have in common! :-) I've had a blog off and on for some time and in a fit of "housecleaning" deleted a bunch of posts. Anyway, you can visit me there if you want to. By the way, I LOVE the little wire/bead dolls you recently posted about. So cute!