Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Agenda

√ List:

√* Slice meats and cheeses for Sandwich Bar Party

√* Plate all condiments and slice watermelon

√* Dishes

√* Clean Cricket's ears, Clip her nails, 
and brush out her coat

√* Vacuum up 
the hairy mess she'll leave behind

√* Greet friends with cold beers, 
or frosty glasses of iced tea

*Watch Prince of Egypt 
while eating above said sandwiches
and sipping said refreshments.

√* Skype with Tofer 

√* Go for photowalk 
as the sun sets in the west
(photo walk ended at the back porch... Oh well, maybe tomorrow)

What does your Sunday agenda look like?

1 comment:

Cassia said...

You should do back porch photo walks more often! ;) I love the capture sky over the rooftops ;) Thanks for everything you do and are mom.