Sunday, March 31, 2013

A long absence = An UberMcLargeHuge Photo Essay

March was... BUSY!  With what, you ask?  With Broobala.  Minda called and asked if she could come home for a month of driving lessons before she moved into her new place in April.  That meant a trip to Coeur d'Alene to move her out of her brother's place, another trip back across 3 mountain passes to Montana, followed by 3.5 weeks of one hour driving lessons everyday, then another trip to C d'A with two vehicles (Beezus is now the property of our La Boeheme princess), and another trip back across those passes (which included a doe jumping infront of my vehicle) after dropping her with friends.
HOWEVER - it was so much fun to have her home.  Here's a glimpse at our time together.
 Driving over by myself at the only time of day that is godly to drive at - - 5 AM.  I snapped these while keeping my eyes on the road. I did!
 Upon arriving found my girlie not very rested and not very ready... surprise, surprise!  We headed to Java (where her homiemeisters dwell) and picked up coffees to fortify us.
 She introduced me to a few regulars, who lauded me with praise for having raised such a great girl... Little do they know that it's in spite of my parenting that she is great.
 Rachel, Stephen, and Eddie came to help us move her stuff to a storage unit, so Minda took them to coffee after and I went to meet Tofer for dinner.
He works hard so I take whatever opportunities he has to spend time.  He treated me!  Sauteed veggies and wine - Perfectamundo!
 We stayed over night at Tof's, and were up at God's hour to travel home!  It was a beautiful drive, again.
 The next morning it all began in earnest.  We had had a bit of snow but nothing major ...
 By the time breakfast was over and we were ready for the day, the snow was gone from the roads and it was time to begin!

smoothies nearly every morning for breakfast...
Then some driving with a my confident bairn ...

Then to coffee and out to play...

And either lunch out, or at home after we had our fill of goofiness - 

and in the evenings Cassia or Lynae or Lili would come get her for some fun...

 Cassia's roomies french bread pizzas and Apples to Apples (pics by C)
Or we would watch Dr Who, or spend time together as a family...

 (wreck it ralph in 3d)
(Fiesta Mexicana)
and sometimes, in the afternoons, we 3 girls would get to hang out together or I would go take photos of Mini-Me, just for the heck of it...

J and I still snuck away for our Monday drives, Cassia and Minda had a sister day, and we filled time skyping or talking or reading, but mostly we were just happy & blessed to be together!

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