Monday, April 23, 2007

Phase 2 - Entry and hall

Olive Shadow next to Exotic Honey

End of the day.
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Sabrina said...

Does that mean you are staying there for a little while longer? I love that house. I wish I could pick up and move it over here. But that would mean I would have to have land and that is expensive over here. I guess I will just have to come visit again.

Pastor Paul said...

Now we've got to come visit again. Oh, darn.

Shari said...

I love color!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo! I am sure your will enjoy it and that it will brighten your days!

Love you,


Deeapaulitan said...

I'm going to have to paint a new color after each visit to keep ya'll coming back!
It's beautiful here today. There are two squirrels and a chipmunk playing just outside my window (how does Ben feel about chipmunks, Shari?), blue sky... The mountains are so clear they look surreal.
Miss you all.
You are always welcome!