Friday, June 01, 2007

37 & Counting

For Wah. Wish you could have joined in the annual shot!
See, Tof isn't the only one with a birthday this month.
I was in the hospital on my 21st birthday because I had just given birth to
our only begotten son.
When Tof was about 9, James' good friend, Wah, moved to our town and his b-day was
2 days later. The 3 of us began a tradition of taking a birthday shot.
Now that we are far away We are sendin' out the cyber love!!!

No birthday complete without a marathon snuggle session!!

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1 comment:

athenainaminivan said...

Happy Birthday!!
You are younger than me and I have a 3 yr old!!
At 21 I might have lost a baby like I did jackets!! GOd sure knows what he is doing. YOu are a beautiful woman and MOM!!!!!!!