Sunday, June 17, 2007

As of Late

Sunday & Monday - James & I headed to Cody, WY for a seminar
on counseling couples. Pastor Nathan and Jim H. came too!
Let me just say - I HATE ROLE PLAYING!

We returned home Monday evening late. I was sick. Nauseous. The 'rolling, roiling' kind of nauseous. It wasn't pretty.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday painting our kitchen. I bushed on color in between laying on the floor praying for the world to stop spinning so fast. Marshwiggle Green :o)
(actually - it's called March Grass. Minda calls it Granny Smith). I never did lose my cookies, so we won't ever know if the paint would have matched it or not...

Thursday we got to meet up with old/new friends Kevin and Katie Cawley. We had only "met" Kevin and Katie through our blogs and flickr, and phone calls. It was so exciting to finally meet face to face and join hearts in a greater way as God moves them on in new adventures! Katie initiated us into her world by fainting. While she and Kev laughed about the other times she had done it, I tucked away a note to self that if Katie ever says she needs to sit down, set her down right where she is at ~ don't make her walk to the livingroom! What an awesome couple they are. I'm really blessed to now be able to call them friends.
Friday morning we got up early and drove to Cheney, Wa. It was a 6.5 / 7 hr. trip (one way), but our little bro was graduating from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Communications Saturday morning. WOO HOO, YOLEY!
We jumped back in Beezus (our Mercury Villager Mini) and drove the 7 hours home to be here for Father's Day services (and, of course, James' job - that whole "music on Sunday morning" thang).
Our new associate pastors are here, finally! Welcome Don, Jen, River and Moses! I can't believe we are all together at last!
It has been a long week, but I feel revitalized. Relationships, fellowship and the love of family and friends create life in me. :o) I am alive! Breathing deeply.
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Sara said...

Busy busy you are! Sounds like fun though. I love love love the color of your kitchen. So fun. You know I'm a sucker for green. The shade is great. Can't wait to see it in person. That is awesome that Don and family are there now. I hadn't heard that they yay!

I'm typing this at a rest area in Kansas. We are on the maiden voyage of the RV. We'll be back in 2-3 weeks. See you soon!

Shari said...

I am excited to hear that Don and family are finally there! Have you had any opportunities to connect or have you been too busy?

Sorry to hear that you were sick. No Fun!

Do you have more painting to do on the house or are you done?

Glad to hear that all is well in your world.



Kevin Cawley said...

We could not have been more blessed. Glad Katie's faint could give you a memory.

We have been bragging about your kids and family ever since we left.


Kevin & Katie