Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thanks Mom & Dad!

I'm so thankful for James' parents. They bless us in so many ways with their love and care. This past week we had vacation ~ at their house! They are down visiting their newest grandchild, and Anna and Shaun of course. They allowed us to infiltrate their home while they were away so we could get away too. We missed them being there with us, but their generosity gave us a week to relax, unwind, and be at peace. We played pickleball, and bocce. We went out in the boat, and watched the sun go down on the lake. We watched a couple movies and popped popcorn. Friends came over to BBq with us, and we went to see friends and eat with them. Having to say goodbye again was the only thing that made the time bittersweet.
Mom and Dad, we can't wait for you to visit so we can have our time of blessing you in our own small way. We love you.
Thanks also to everyone who prayed for us. The van did great, we didn't overspend, our hearts are full and blessed.
Photos below !!

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Shari said...

Yea! for pictures! Glad to hear that it went well.