Saturday, October 18, 2008


We live in MSU town. :o) Needless to say we have a lot of college students who are away from home and friends and family ~ some for the very first time in their tender years. So we began Ad./Bc. (Adopt a Bobcat) where those students can get home cooked meals, wrestle with siblings, get hugs & be loved, or get rides to appointments. Last night we gathered for a kick-off celebration. We played this fantastic game with dice, cards and white elephant gifts called SNOOP!
It was a great night of being goofy, and competitve and finding friends amidst new faces, and old. What was in the bags wasn't the only surprise I got. Our friends, Matt, Sara, and Bella have come home for the winter!!! Yes, I totally freaked out... in fact, I screamed - - what else would you expect me to do when one of my best friends whom I have seen a total of 2 weeks in the past year, and who was not scheduled to be back for 2 more months comes nonchalantly walking through the doorway?
They're home, they're home, they're home!!!
(thanks for comendeering my camera and preserving the memories, my friend!)
Incidentally - if you haven't seen Sara's photos, you don't know what you're missing!


James said...

Photography is a hobby that can express a lot of love. Thanks for all the great shots you take of God's activity in the lives of our church family!


Cassia said...

~ Sarah actually captured these shots papa :D

Both of you are wonderful,wonderful photographers..!

Cassia said...

I LOVED seeing the Jansens and our evening of snoop, dessert & fellowship was a blast ! :)