Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Night to Remember

*Disclaimer* I didn't use flash due to the distraction I knew it would be, nor did I attempt to try to manually manipulate the camera in the darkness - needless to say the photos are blurry.
Our 20 year anniversary just passed. The revelry was overshadowed a bit by all the activity(Thanksgiving, Cassia's 19th bday, worship practice, photo shoots...), so we agreed to spread out the celebration. When I finally arrived in Bozeman 2 years ago, our first date was The Jeni Fleming Trio's goodbye concert. It was a magical evening for me. I was together with my husband again after 2 long months and one week prior to that night we had quietly passed our 18 year anniversary. We don't go see many concerts. #1 we can't justify the outlay of dough for something that lasts a couple hours and you have nothing to show for it at the end, & #2 there are many people we do not feel comfortable supporting. Jake and Jeni Fleming do not fall into either one of those categories. They love this community. Its musicians, its everyday people, its businesses, and its culture are something they invest in. Bozeman, in turn, loves them back.
Jeni has an amazing voice and, to be honest, I'm surprised she is not more widely celebrated. It may be on purpose ~ intentional on their part. They teach instruments and voice to the underprivileged, give scholarships to attend music camps and to encourage music majors, and they put on concerts for $15 just so those of us who are friends can come and see them without breaking the bank.
I love watching Jake, in his element, lost in the music. He grooves, bops, directs, makes Jeni laugh, and totally loves what he is doing. They are both very true and loyal to those they call friends and, in so doing, they have many. Jeni's voice carries you away. Sweet, powerful, funky, and lilting all in one song sometimes. The audience literally sits in awe. Then they bring in a few of those friends, who also are extremely gifted, to jam with them for a few evenings and we get to enjoy the phenom unfold.
Craig mesmerizes us with his guitar, Chris has us wrapped around his fingers as he tickles the ivories, Ben practically jerks us to our feet to cheer as he wails on a FLUTE of all things! Adam and Kelly keep our feet tappin', make us giggle at their interchanges, and give us the need to groove.We sat next to a lady from California who knew Cassia from the Garage and couldn't say enough about our girl! :o) She had brought her nephew, Ben, who takes guitar lessons from Jake. On the other side of us was a couple who knew friends of ours in Moses Lake! Such a small world.

We loved every moment last night!
Jeni, if you read this, Thank you. It will be another magical memory for many years to come!

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Sara said...

So glad it was a wonderful night for you...congratulations on loving each other for 20 years. :)