Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Times of Tradition - #1.5

Like most people, many of our traditions that we celebrate were created for us by our parents when we were young. However, as a young bride, & then as a mother a year later, I had a quest to begin traditions that were unique to our family - ones that weren't a part of our extended family's celebrations. Yesterday's post was one of those. (decorating together, sipping cocoa, reminiscing over the memories, and topping with our same angel year after year).
Some of our traditions began simply because I did the same thing the same way 3 or 4 years in a row and the kids didn't want to stop, but some I gleaned from books. I put together a list of a few of my favorites below, but some things I took from stories (like Heidi, or Little Women). The beauty of Tradition is that it can be found and begun anywhere! If you see or hear something you think would be fun or that you would love to do - go for it! There are no rules until you establish them!
Onward to the book list: (you can click the books for a link to Amazon)
This one has much more than Christmas. Jane & Rondi encourage us to see the world through the eyes of a child and remember our own wonder experiences over the simple things of life. They walk you through finding how to turn those wonders into a tradition and keep the wonder from year to year. It's fantastic!
Poems, songs, & stories of Christmas illustrated with paintings by master artists that will fill you to the brim with warm fuzzies! This is perhaps my very favorite. Customs, history, and the scenery of the world in wintery celebration!
This is the book that I was given as a new bride that started my journey into making seasons special. Shirley & Gloria present the sacred and tender side of tradition. It warmed me to the core when I read it the first time. I couldn't wait to have my baby (I was pregnant 3 months after I was married) and begin! This book is very practical. Lots of activity suggestions, lots of ideas that are easy to implement, but also shared stories of their own families and why certain things became precious to them.
Meaning. A reflection of a families personality, spirituality & values. Establishing a sense of stability and shared history. That's what 'Joy' aims to build & strengthen. Tons of ideas for all kinds of seasons.
Have any of you read the books in the "Simple Pleasures" series? I love them. They offer ways to connect deeply, and to express gratitude, affection, and creativity from your heart. I think they say "more heart, less hype". This one also covers more than just Christmas, but you will love it all! And Susannah's others are just as wonderful.

Ace Collins is famous for his "Stories Behind" books, but this one I adore. I'm a trivia girl, but Ace weaves the trivia into stories that make the trivium memorable. You'll find out about the first live re-enactment of the Nativity with living creatures, the history of holly, mistletoe, the Messiah by Handel, and even why we have a long shopping season! Several of the books above cover long held traditions, but this is most of them rolled into one.

Do you have a favorite?

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