Friday, March 13, 2009

The Keeping Days

We are still well ensconced in the icy blanket of winter. I've found myself wanting excuses to not venture out. I remember days like this from my childhood when everyone seemed content to settle for the day around the fire or gather in the kitchen to bake bread and set some hearty soup to simmer on the stovetop. Grandma called them "keeping days". I asked her once what she meant by that. She said they were the days you wanted to "keep indoors", "keep the fire glowing", "keep yourself busy", "keep the door closed"... and they were usually the days you wanted to "keep in your heart" for years to come. Though I haven't felt up to snuff this week, knowing the unknown is about to feel as encroaching as the winter has lately has caused me to turn these last few days in our home to "keeping days".
We spent an afternoon watching these little Pine Gross Beaks in the pines outside of C's bedroom window. Flocks of them flitted about eating the seeds from the pinecones and chirruping happily.
A friend, who is an artist, has taken to encouraging M. (in big and small ways) in her art. Buying her supplies, books, giving her tips and pointers and making her canvas boards so that she doesn't have an excuse to not play, experiement and grow in her abilities. The scent of turpinoid wafts up the stairs, and I don't hear from her for hours it seems.
With J. home so regularly now we have been having scads of dinners together! It's been wonderful to listen to all the laughing chatter though the 'mmm's over their mouthfuls of food.
And through it all, we pack. A little more each day. The stacks grow taller. Wider. Deeper. The moving day draws closer. May each day offer up a moment to "keep" in hearts for the uncharted days ahead.


loefflermom said...

No that I am looking every day sometimes more than one to see if you have blogged. I am eager and expectantly waiting to hear what God is doing with you guys.

I love you lots.


loefflermom said...

Oops! That was suppose to be Know not No.

Sabrina said...

You know what I thought of when you talked about staying indoors and just being is when you and I would sit by the oven to keep warm and just chat. I miss those days. I think we had one of those "keeping days" this year in Kirkland when we got snowed in. It just so happened to be a Sunday and they cancelled church so we had church at home and then watched movies and chatted all day. It was fun and I almost wish we had more days like that.

The pictures with all your boxes makes me wish I had time to come just to stare out those windows again. How I miss them! Love you guys and praying for you.