Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BWN 2!

I got a call from Jen Thursday to let us know they were hosting the annual Black & White Night early this year so that we Pauls could attend!!! We LOVE this event (and we love the Murrays - works well that we get both!) Black and white food this year consisted of spicy cheesy potato soup, bean dip with black corn chips, quesadillas and sour cream, artichoke dip and white corn chips, crispy 3 cheese raviolis with black olive tapenade, venison jerky, oreos, coconut cuffins, Penny cookies, and white and dark chocolates. Also Cherry Dr. Pepper, rootbeer floats, coffee, & water. Scrumptious fare, I tell ya!!
We had a few more participants this year too. Attendees were Kate, Ryan, Tofer, James, Cassia, Seth, Mo, Jen, Deea, Don, Laura, River, Minda, Kara (& oat & barley).

There were some FABulous costumes this year! Tof as the Ninja, Kara's African head wrap, Ryan's godfather/pimp (?), Minda's netted leggings, Don's little snow cap... Just awesome!
We kicked off the festivites with a Little Rascals episode, then voted to watch Danny Kaye in The Court Jester! Hearing Kara laughing was THE BEST! So contageous!
Just a couple more photos to punctuate a great memory!!
What cool, cool cats we are! Ya, Baby!

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Happy Easter!

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Miss you updates. How is it going?