Monday, August 10, 2009


Baby love, originally uploaded by efiw.

Happy Birthday Conner!!!

2 years ago today I became an auntie!

Shaun and Anna gave us this wonderful blonde haired, blue eyed bundle of sheer delight. We just adore our little man. They are awesome parents, and I am so blessed & proud of how they care for, discipline, and direct him as he grows.

We are far away and don't see them often so we make the most of it when we are together.

In September we will be welcoming another niece or nephew! Conner will be a BIG brother. It's hard to believe I could love the next one as much as I love our Con-con, but I know my heart will melt on sight.

In October we will see Joel finally marry Courtney, and will get to have lots of hugs and kisses from Conner and meet our newest member of the family too. I'm so excited!!

Hope today is filled with tons of love and fun and treats and friends, Conner! We love you!

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Shaun and Anna said...

Thanks Deea! Conner is so lucky to have such a special Auntie. We love you so much and can't wait to see you all in October!