Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dred Journey Update

2 months. We have to seperated them every couple weeks so they don't become one big dred. The Dr. Bronner's has worked great. I think she may try to get the liquid insead of the bar next month. They are beginning to get their own "personalities". Flat, forked, kinked, crooked, and perfect - she is still loving them.
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Tonya said...

Love her hair! I don't remember how I came across your blog, but just today I realized that you live in Bozeman! I grew up there and moved 10 years ago to the Seattle area. How long have you lived there? Don't you love it? It's so beautiful. I homeschool too. I have three boys ages 11,9,&7.
Tonya in Washington State

Sara said...

The dreads are looking lovely! I didn't realize she was using the bar soap. I hated that...only tried it once. The liquid works so much better. 1 part soap to 8 parts water. Rinse with same ratio of apple cider vinegar (you can infuse essential oils). Can't wait to see them in person! :) I know she's not on Flickr, but the group "Dreaded Together" is a wealth of info.