Sunday, November 29, 2009

20 Years? How did that happen?

We had our first child 20 years ago?
I don't feel old enough to have a 20 year old but I am sure blessed to be her mama.
James and I celebrated our 21st anniversary on Thanksgiving. Now, 3 days later, we celebrate our firstborn's 20th year of life.
Bridger Bowl opened early so Tofer had to work and couldn't be here for the traditional breakfast time. Instead, he went to Cassia's work last night with a dozen roses and presented them to her in front of her customers and coworkers. Absolutely made her day!
Her request for breakfast was, "something healthier than I've been eating!" We settled on berry smoothies, cantaloupe, and quiche. (sound familiar?)
We sang, had her blow out her candle, and dug in!

She doesn't have work today and she is relishing the idea of relaxing. Her plan is to decorate her room for Christmas, and listen to our favorite Christmas music - mainly she just wants to be with her family.
Such a special girl. I just adore her.
Happy Birthday, Beautiful.
We Love You!
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Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday, Cassia!!!