Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello - Goodbye

Sara, Matt, Bella & Lucy were home for a couple weeks to ronvate the new RV before heading off on a new adventure! Lucy has grown so much. Little, happy, chunky-monkey. Sara and I squeezed in a few moments to relax and chat over tea.
Mostly we made faces at Lucy so we could see that fabulous toothless smile!
Just a day or 2 before they left, we all gathered at the ole homestead to say our goodbyes and to see what magic Matt had worked on the new rig. I love fellowship. So much fun to gather in the warmth of home with good friends and delicious food to laugh and chatter and play.
James really likes the "play" part, and Lucy was seriously infatuated.
I still don't like 'goodbyes', but they are getting easier with Matt and Sara. I know they'll be back with us soon. God uses them in so many ways as they lay their lives out there before Him. It's hard to be selfish with them when I know others need their gifts and love too.
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