Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the Morning :: Day 2

Yesterday was hard. I was really busy focusing on self and my agenda when I was thoroughly and completely knocked on my pedestal. I locked my keys in my vehicle for the first time since I began driving at age 18. All my best laid plans came to an abrupt halt and I was forced to not only relax, but to let God just take care of things.
When J dropped me off I walked past a field of freshly sprung daisies. I felt a little lifted.
I went home to prep for a meeting, had a beautiful evening with those in attendance, and then rode with J to go pick up the van that had been unlocked by his friends at the fire station where he meets for Fight Club!
On my way home, thankful for grace that got me through the day with joy, I stopped to pick daisies ~ as a reminder.
While I was picking a van and a truck drove past only to turn around and come back. It was our friends we hadn't seen in months!
They followed me home and we spent the night laughing and talking and feeling like we were with family.
I feel almost like I lived 2 totally separate days yesterday.
My own day that was not going so fabulous. And the day God gave me in exchange for mine.
His are always better.
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naomi said...

How encouraging! Thank you for sharing.