Saturday, August 07, 2010

In the Morning :: Day 40

I love that my kids try things and participate in things that take them out of their comfort zones. 
Cassia isn't a runner.  In fact she has a form of asthma that keeps her from doing anything where she has to have stamina (though she hikes like a trooper).  Yet, when Sage Spa, where she is a guest care provider, decided to do the 5k as a group, she joined right in.  She didn't run the whole way.  But she was there.  There to be a part of a team.  There to support her co-workers. There to do something she wasn't comfortable with. There to be of service to some kids who needed her. 
Out there.  Doin' hard things.  Being stretched. Living life to the fullest.
Love it!

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