Tuesday, August 03, 2010

J's Bday Celebration

I'll still do my "Morning" post, but I wanted to commemorate J's 43rd birthday feast!  
God really blessed this man.  Living in a land locked state makes it next to impossible to get fresh, affordable seafood, let alone your favorite seafood on your special day of the year!
Costco had just received a shipment of Alaskan King Crab legs that morning that had been caught the day before.  I was waiting for the shoe to drop. There was no way, even at Costco, that they were going to be affordable.  Then the nice employee said the words $4.59#!!  He kindly showed me what 10# looked like and packaged them up for me to take home and BLOW MY HUSBAND'S SOCKS OFF!  It was his gift from all of us, along with a set of crackers and pickers to get the delectableness out of that crusty 'ole shell!  
We also had Salmon Fly Microbrew from Madison River, garlic butter, a grilled garlic artesianal loaf, and a spectacular green salad with his favorite blue cheese crumbles on the side - but J. only ate crab! :)
For dessert we headed to The Chocolate Moose for Wilcoxin's famous Montana Moose Moss cones.

We love him immensely.

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