Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{{discover}} - DPP '10

Montana is so raw.  I love driving along it's backroads because they never disappoint me.  Mile after mile is fascinating. Deer, elk, antelope (pronghorns), buffalo wander in view, oblivious of me and my camera.  And, once-in-awhile, Montana shows me something chillingly beautiful.
I doubt this Golden took down the doe she is perched upon, but she was taking full advantage of the situation.  We sat and watched her from our roadside 'Acura Lounge', sipping cinnamon lattes and whispering questions and exclamations about her.   Laughing at the Magpies who wanted in on the action but were a tad skittish around that wicked shnozola of Ms. Golden. 


Anonymous said...

I saw your photo on the Flickr group for the December Photo Project...I love this photo, nature in the raw. We lived in Montana for 3 yrs (where I met my hubby) and I worked in Yellowstone National Park during a summer in college. We can't wait to bring our children to visit this beautiful country!

Sara said...

Great capture my friend. I miss Montana!! xxoo