Saturday, November 26, 2011

Young Love

25 years ago I sat in the bleachers of Chief Moses Jr. High gymnasium for an assembly.  We got out of classes just to go hear the highschool jazz choir perform their repertoire for an upcoming competition.  My Civics teacher, Mr. Paul, had told me that his oldest son was in the choir and would have a solo.  From my angle, I couldn't see his face, but I didn't need to.  The voice was enough to make me (and all the girls around me) dream of being the girl he was singing to.  It was a Billy Joel song - "The Longest Time" & probably one of the reasons why I still love Billy Joel to this day.   It would be 1.5 years from that moment before 'the voice' & I  actually met face to face.  Mr. Paul and I would continue to have conversations about him during my Library Aide period and his planning period for the remainder of my jr. high year.  Then, when I was a shy, wallflower of a sophomore, he asked me to dance and I said 'yes' - and have been saying 'yes' ever since.
23 years ago today our pastor asked if I "would willing offer myself" as best friend, only lover, & dearest treasure to this handsome 6'5" chap who had been crying as I walked down the aisle to take his hand.  I said I would.  And I did.  Completely.
Happy Anniversary, Babe. You make me so happy.


thefrabjousversipel said...

Love this. :) What a wonderful love story you have! And you're killing me, just killing me, with your over-the-top youthful cuteness in the photo above. Hugs to you both!

Shaun and Anna said...

You guys are adorable! Hope your day was very special! When can we see you again?

Deeapaulitan said...

We had a little getaway to a cabin just outside of Gallatin Gateway (about 45 minutes away). We won't be getting away any time soon. I am working at a Naturopath's office in town and doing photos, & J doesn't get anytime off until next Spring, so we won't be heading your way until summer, if then. If you guys can get this way before then, we'd love to have you!