Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handcrafted Christmas

 This year was all about crafting!   You saw the quilts Mom made for us in the posts below. None of the rest of us went quite so elaborate.  I made the Quick Change trousers above from Anna Maria's book.  They are so soft and thick.  Corduroy, flannel, and cotton.  Fully reversible and so easy to whip together.  Can't wait to see them on the nephews and niece!! I made Jer a matching hat, but had to throw a hot pink liner in it as a tribute to his papa. 
For Mom & Dad I cut down wine corks to make them a set of coasters and a trivet.
 I also made several of these reusable snack bags using this tutorial.  Mommas can always use more fun ways to carry foods for those growing moppets!
M made several of the bubble magnets for Nanna to have more ways to hang all that art work Conner and Marion will be doing.
 I bought some local goat's milk soap from Hyalite Farms and wet felted it with roving from local sheep.
 M made a star lantern (and can't wait to make more for her own room!) They are so pretty.
 And this roll-up-take-anywhere Hopscotch mat and beanbags (actually filled with rice) for those rainy days when the kids have to be inside.
Of course, M knitted up a storm of hats and wraps for the long, cold days ahead. She is so fast too!
My little gnome I felted will hopefully soon be the new mascot of the Adventure Explorers of Hotels, Beaches & Campsites club (so named by Con-man).  He'll be a bright, happy edition to the nature table if he doesn't go adventuring though.
and lastly, chalkboards!  They must be all the rage right now because it took me 6 stores to find chalkboard paint in stock! I hung mine a bit differently than the one above.

Hope everyone enjoys their goodies.  I had big dreams and visions of doing so much more than this, but when you begin 2 weeks before Christmas, there is a bit of a crunch...  ahem... yes, well, live and learn. None-the-less, they were all made with love,  + some blood and sweat and tears too, for those we adore.
 I should also show you what the girls created for each other. ...
 M made a mixed media journal for C and C made a mixed media canvas for M! 
So thankful my kiddos love each other so deeply.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Such a wonderful roster of projects. I *do* have to make some of those quick-change trousers myself... and I really want to make the paper lantern, too! That came out beautifully!

I'm curious about the wet felted soap--is the idea there almost like "soap and a washcloth in one," so you scrub with the felted soap bar? How clever.

Your gnome is absolutely too adorable! Just love him. What'd you think of the needle felting? I know they offer classes on that at our local yarn spot and I'm thinking about looking into it. Would have been such fun to have done it with you. :)

Deeapaulitan said...

That is exactly the idea of the wet felted soaps!

There is a wonderful online tutorial I just ran into yesterday on Tara Whitney's blog for needle felting. It's different but so cute! I love doing it, but am finding it expensive to keep up because of the roving. I would have loved for you to be there with me.

Sara said...

It's so fun to see photos of the things you were talking about! Everything is so lovely. Good stuff!