Monday, January 23, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

 Minda made another star lantern.  She makes little changes each time and each time she gets better results.
  She bought this paper at Ro-Sham-Bo last weekend, and this weekend it became a star.
 We found this fabric on sale at JoAnn's and decided it would make a perfect Valentine tablecloth.
 Gluten Free Gnocchi.  Yum!  Easy and Delish.
 Waiting for the pot to boil.
 Steamy goodness topped with fresh pesto! 
I like giving them reasons to stay home and gather together.
 GF Focaccia bread, Gnocchi and Pesto and an Arugula Shitake salad with grated goat's milk Asagio.
And GF Coffee Cake for friends who came Sunday Morning! (Recipe for GF Coffee Cake)


Sara said...

The paper star is AWESOME! How/where did she learn to make them? And the food looks delish, as usual. xxoo

Deeapaulitan said...

It was an online tutorial. Look back at the post about the Christmas projects, there is a link. The thing that she changed, mainly, this time was the width of the points. You'll have to email her and ask the specifics. :)

Melinda Green Harvey said...

Excellent illustrations of your resolution. Your food images are very well done (No pun intended. Really.)

Thanks for participating in Project 12.

Melinda Green Harvey
MCP Project 12 Team Leader

thefrabjousversipel said...

So, so delightful! I just love the paper stars--that's definitely on my someday to-do list. The gnocchi look amazing--and gluten-free! Wow. I have a few gluten-free folks in my life; I'll definitely be hopping over to that recipe.

The Valentine's Day tablecloth looks just divine.