Thursday, February 02, 2012

Taste and See...

 Sunday we hung out at a local coffee shop for the morning.  Sipping White Mochas, chatting, giggling at the kiddos while the lingering scent of fresh brewed caffeine wafts our way?  Yes, please!
 Kaylie brought her entourage.
 Such a hip girlie, rockin' the 80's headband look ...
 M decided this must Kaylie's rendition of Susan and Lucy with Aslan.
 Love my beauties.

 M got in on the play action too.  Jasmine joins the circus riders.
 J and Kaylie - Pretty much together any time he is around.  : )
Later that day...
J. wanted a meaty, healthy soup for dinner.  Sadly, after 23 + years of marriage, I just learned he isn't a salmon fan.  Wha??? Seriously?
This soup was yummy though.  Smoked salmon, fennel, potatoes, shallots, mushrooms, capers and dill! 
 Some of us couldn't get enough!
 Served with Lemon wedges and crusty bread.
 C and I licked our bowls clean!
The next day we had MORE salmon.  I made salmon cakes for lunch for she and I.  We mashed avocado, sliced pickles and cheese (goat's milk cheddar) and more dill.
Delicious weekend!


Anonymous said...

Delightful! ...Don't you love that after years and years of marriage, you can still surprise each other? We've been having a lot of salmon ourselves lately. Maybe it's the unseasonably warm winter enticing us to fire up the grill! Everything looks absolutely *gorgeous* on your new tablecloth... covet, covet, covet. :) said...

Thank you again for your beautiful commentary on your perspective of life. My life right now is full of chaos and some sadness…..your pictures always brighten my outlook. I understand that there are no accidents. I told you before I was “goggleing” (seriously is that a word) and found you…what a nice treat. My goal this week is to make your gnocchi and pesto….yum. Spring was in the air today and it was truly a gift….my boys (ok, they have four legs) took a long hike today (9 miles) and they are very tired tonight. Thank you again, you land me back on both feet.