Monday, April 30, 2012

In Search Of...

 Winters are long here in Montana.  Especially in our little valley.  About the first of april I start longing to see buds of green and flowering trees - but it will be 4 more weeks before it begins.  The girls and I were still hopeful as we headed out Cottonwood Canyon. 
 The sun shine was wonderful, but we need to have a lot more of it if winter is ever going to let go !
 We couldn't get to where we were headed - the roads are still snow packed... So we just pulled over and hung out next to the river.
Except for M.  She wanted to cross.
 She tried doing it without getting wet...
 But then gave up and just walked through! That is straight mountain snow run-off - crazy girl!

 C is a bit wiser.  She wanted across too, but when she figured there wasn't a dry path...
She settled in on a sunny rock and soaked in the sunshine.
M explored the hillside, then waded back across.  
Totally NOT the way we had hoped to spend the afternoon,
But when the afternoon is spent under this sky, it's never a disappointment.

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...iph... said...

Such lovely images! Looks like a beautiful day with your girls. Strangest spring here, too--the day before we left for Florida, it was hotter here in New England than it was in Orlando. We had the air conditioner on before we left, but returned to cold, chilly, gray days and turning the heat back on again. Bizarre!