Sunday, May 06, 2012

Right Now :: through the iPhone

Right Now I am/ we are:

Wishing for a garden of our own.  Flowers from the florist just don't have the same appeal.

Eating as if summer were here.  Lighter fare.  Tostadas, salads, fish, fruits... 

Waiting (rather impatiently) for farmers markets to begin.

Spending as much time with these girls as possible since their impending absence is looming ominously.

Loving the greening lowlands against the snowcapped peaks.

Drinking in the few flowers that have begun blooming this past week!

Photographing friends' babies and children - because I love them, not because it's a business ... so liberating!

Planning gardens that can not possibly come to fruition in this place.

Seeing the Avengers at a matinee in 3D with friends this afternoon.

Remembering my love of Gungor Ghosts Upon the Earth

Hoping plans work out to go to Moses Lake for the Paul Clan Memorial Day festivities.

Relishing not being in Leviticus any longer in my Bible reading plan.

Dreaming of a home of our own again someday soon. 

Blaming Taproot and Kinfolk and Ingrid for making me dream.

Giggling over the fascination M has with kitties on doorsteps right now.

Counting our blessings... 

May the coming week hold many!

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Anonymous said...

Aaah, mama. :) Somehow the strange and uncertain spring we've been having here--bursts of heat punctuated by long stretches of cold and rain--has made the mild winter seem longer, somehow. I'm right there with you in that dreaming, planning space! I love these images. You and your girls have the best, friendliest faces, and I adore that final moody one with the cat. Hugs to you!