Monday, May 14, 2012


Bluebirds and blue skies in abundance.  Both calling us out.  Out to the mountains. Out to the streams. Out to themselves.  We did a happy little skip and gave a resounding, "Yes!"  Picked up our cameras & stepped into the world.
 Mama's on Mother's day at the pond with their babes

 Chains just waiting to be linked together ...
Mama with her chickadees - C took this one
 Heading for the hills
Little lady out for a Sunday Stroll
Says it all, doesn't it?
 Pathways - we tend to walk the unsanctioned ones

 Sounds of rushing and tripping and rippling along the way
 Finding new ways of seeing the old

Inhaling the life of all that's been born once again

 Peeking through the woods,
Finding others doing the same
Stopping by the way - listening - relishing - loving 
Hope your weekend was just as full of warm, gentle sunshine and smiles that could help themselves.

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