Friday, August 10, 2012


Sometimes His tool is a restless spirit, which might appear as some vague dissatisfaction with our life. He promises to make good things come from them when we put our trust in Him. And the transitions that most frighten or frustrate us—or change our plans —often are the impetus for a new focus in life.  It's a fork in the road with a big question mark over it. Where to go, what to do next . Perplexity, Pain, Patience.  Internal signals.I hate that I am still tooth and nail instead of a trust and see.  Patience is an exacting pedagogue.  Formidable. Hard-won.  Dreams are insistent.  Impatient.  Trusting that He works all together for good when all seems like flesh rotting off the bones?  Help Thou my unbelief.
I've decided to focus on the small and rejoice in the simple ~

simple things I’d like to do:
  1. make a new dress
  2. wear my hair in some fabulous braided / updo (c'mon 'n grow oh locks o' mine!)
  3. catalog my urtexts & quotes & J's songs
  4. read more books
  5. get away / get out of the house more
  6. have a picnic at the hollows
  7. make shapes from clouds
  8. go to margaritas / wine with friends
  9. watch the sunrise over the ocean
  10. catch a firefly
  11. visit a lighthouse
  12. write more letters
  13. print, frame, & hang photos
  14. have dinner together more
  15. gather bits and baubles that make me smile
  16. cook with C 
  17. yoga my way to firm
  18. write J little encouragements
  19. be rowed in a boat on a quiet lake or a pond
  20. star gaze
  21. ride horses
  22. make gifts for my niece & nephews
  23. laugh deeply
  24. say "I love you" more, to those I do
  25. have a French Tip done to my nails
  26. continue to write
  27. speak positive
  28. be kind 
  29. begin saving for a new camera
  30. grow more herbs
  31. take pottery lessons
  32. sip tea outside with my girls
  33. update some key pieces in my wardrobe
  34. be an explorer of the world
  35. be aware, absorbed & happy within my moments 

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Anonymous said...

I hear you there, lady! On the brink of a lot of change with question marks ahead for us as well, and finding it similarly challenging to trust in the process. I am also more "tooth and nail" by nature than "trust and see." (TRUST AND SEE? Are you KIDDING me? How can the planet keep turning without my constant supervision and exacting direction?)

I love your simple list--hope you've been checking items off left and right. When we're on the other side of our move, remind me to create a list like this myself. Hugs to you. I hope the path becomes clearer for you.