Saturday, September 01, 2012

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C and I have been wanting to go for a hike and a picnic since the weather warmed & the snows melted away.  Only just now that the days are shortening again and the warmth dissipating did we make it a priority though.  We set out early with the soundtrack to Roan Inish filling the air, expectant of some soul refreshing in the green woods.

 The woods themselves had been refreshed by rains the night before and were glistening in the morning light.

 Cairns, created along the path by those who have taken time to stop.
 It feels very sacred, this stacking of stone upon stone.

 And for some I think it is a sacred act.  A memorializing, maybe?

 Arriving at our soul's delight.  The sound of water spilling over rock and cliff does something to magnify the glory of this life inside of me.

 I sat and breathed in.  Deeply.  Slowly.  C saw me and smiled - understanding.

 When others came boisterously into our space, we set out for the pathway home.
 Stopping to stack a Cairn of our own.

 A memorial of our own.
 We met a fellow on his way to find a safe place to hole up for the cold months just ahead.
Gradually we found our way back down the road and stopped along the creek for a picnic and more soul nourishment.  Thunder began to peal in the distance, but we didn't hurry.  We just savored the food, the scents of the woods, the conversation and the luxury of the moments together.

 Adventurers.  It only took 6 attempts to get a halfway decent shot... :)
 She is moving soon.  J & I will be 2 again for the first time in 22 years.  We will miss our little song bird.  Our nest will be officially emptied.  New adventures lie ahead.


Cassia said...

That healing morning of just drinking in the woods & the water & each other... It's a memory I already cherish ;) I'm so grateful your love and your friendship momma... Can't imagine life without you.

Serendipitychild said...

Beautiful photos, looks like such a stunning place, I always find nature healing.