Sunday, December 09, 2012

Makin' a List . . .

For J.  :)  Click anywhere above and it will take you to links for the list.
Wants: (wishes)
1.Ghana Bolga Baskets  In several/any/all sizes.  2. Vitamix for smoothies (I have no blender now that all the kids have moved out).  3. Beach cruiser style bicycle.  4. Nikon D3s
Needs:  (pragmatics)
1. Aesop & Badescu skin care items.  2. stoneware tortilla warmer (I like the red).  3.  Anchor Hocking glass storage containers (also something I no longer have now that the kids took theirs with them).  4. Buxom Mascara in black.  5.New natural fiber makeup brushes.  OH! I should add a Dustbuster/ Dirtdevil to this part - something for those sunflowerseed shells under the cushions! :)
Wear: (glams)
1. Boden dress and retro heels.  2. New purse (maybe I should add an iPhone case to it too). 3 Tall flat black boots.  4. Replacement??  please?  5. Jeans. straight leg skinny mid-rise.  6. Imogene+Willie Jesse skimmer & pindot blouse (the whole outfit basically)
Read: (kindlings)
1. Book to help me continue to write.  2. Matt's book on the Gospel.  3. Subscription to my favorite magazine about gatherings and building relationship.  4.  Help for my diet.  5. Allegory I love so.  6. Healthy, yummy recipes.

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