Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Connection Time

Shortly after moving and becoming full time pastors, we realized that we needed a "date night" for our family as well as James and my usual one alone. We settled on Tuesday. Every Tuesday James comes in the door by 6pm, we have dinner waiting, and then our date begins!
We crank up the tunes (last night was Newsboys) and sit down to enjoy a meal together (Black bean and Cajun Shrimp Tostadas shown from last night).
Then we do an activity. Sometimes we play a game, sometimes its listening to a sermon, but with the onset of Spring we have been getting outside and kickin' it with the sunshine! In our back yard is a trail that leads to a look-out over the entire Gallatin Valley. That was last nights activity.
I haven't really exercised all winter, and everyone stopped to let me catch my breath about 12 times! :o) The trail begins at about 5200 feet above sea level and ends at about 5700 - you would probably need to catch your breath too! The family gave me hiking boots for Mother's Day (hint hint, Mom - you're putting on some pounds!) so I had to break them in (an me along with them!)
But I documented the fact that I made it! It was gorgeous!
What I really loved was that we laughed together, talked incessantly, sang goofy songs (big surprise there for those of you who know us at all) and strengthened our hearts as family.
God's heart as Father is never more real to me than when I see my kids interacting with their Dad. Whether in correction, laughter, teaching or snuggles - God's heart towards me as His daughter is reaffirmed.
I am Blessed!
(for those of you wondering - the Golden Retriever is our landlords dog who loves us :o)! )


Shari said...

What an awesome idea. It sounds like a fabulous night. It is nice to hear what is happening in your world. Are you connecting more with people?

Hope you are doing well.



Deeapaulitan said...

It was blessed.
I am not really "connecting" still, but am plugging along at having people over, going to events, etc...
A lady from church, who is the mom of one of Minda's friends, called to ask if she could take me out for my birthday! I was blown away! She even asked if there were some other ladies that she could inviite to join us.
No one, in my entire life, has ever done that for me.
God is working, I know, I'm just trying to be patient and allow Him to do it His way and not mine.

James said...

What an awesome night together! Thanks for posting the pics and journaling your thoughts. You're a good writer!