Friday, July 06, 2007

More of the Good 'Ole Summertime...

Some of our hikes have included Fairy Lake (above) where the drive in was as much of an adventure as the hike. We picniced on the rocks where the wind couldn't reach us, but almost killed Sabrina in the climb... Don't worry, she survived to eat my incredible wraps...
We also picniced at the Palisade Falls campground with my mom and grampa. Then we hiked to the falls. Grampa is 87 and not spritely, but James was his faithful steward and got him to the top. We met a 94 year old coming down! He and Grampa swapped insults and jabs about the war and the Navy. If the Horse Flies would have been less emassed, this would have been perfect. It's hard to have fun when you are so concerned about getting bit!
On the way back from Palisade we stopped at the campground and surprised Tof. We got to sit with him for a half hour and listen to what God has been doing in him during the last two weeks. He hugged his sisters tight and then grabbed their hands while we walked to the Mess Tent to get out of the heat. Does a mama's heart good. *sigh*
Posted by PicasaHope everyne is having a blessed summer! Remember that our place is yours! We'd love to lay eyes and hugs on you! Nothing would make us happier!

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