Sunday, July 22, 2007

Of Daughters and Sisters

Minda. I have always loved that name. It means "gentle one" which doesn't exactly fit our girl. She is gentle, but she is more merriment, and chatter. I sometimes wonder what the feminine form of Isaac (laughter) is. Naming her "Laughter" would have pegged her. Children flock to both of my girls, but for different reasons. Cassia is beautiful and sweet. She talks to the little ones quietly and they are at ease and comfortable with her. Minda plays games, tickles them, talks in silly voices, and laughter is constant. Both have pint sized fan clubs. Anything under 3 feet seem to adore them! As a mom, I can't explain the pride I have in these 2 daughters of mine.
One of the greatest blessings is their love for eachother. They are dearest friends as well as sisters. Cassia took Minda out for a birthday shoot. Minda had just bought a vintage dress for $5 at a sale and was twirling and flitting. (who says 14 can't be fanciful?) They stayed the night with eachother, bought sweets for eachother, and were given up to jollification for the better portion of the evening.
God has been so gracious and merciful to us as parents. In spite of all our faults, shortcomings, and sins, He has kept them at the center of His palm and He has their hearts. Thank you, Jesus!

Photos below


Sara said...

This is just such a beautiful post, Deea. You ARE so blessed...and we have been so blessed by your girls and their unique spirits.

Deeapaulitan said...

Morning Sara. I saw the goodbye shots. They made me miss you already.

You have this same thing to look forward to with your beautiful girl too! And it will come much sooner than you expect.