Saturday, October 06, 2007

If You Would Pray...UPDATE!

It's over! She feels she did her best, and we won't have a score for 3 weeks or more. Thanks for all your prayers. The power went out and they almost had to reschedule the testing, but God must have heard everyone crying out for Cassia! It came on again after 15 minutes and they resumed!
Cassia is taking her SAT this morning (7AM - 12 PM MST). She has spent several months preparing, and still doesn't feel confident in herself ~ But she knows God is bigger and is leaving this in His hands. I know she would appreciate your prayers.

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Julie Johnson said...

Hi Dea,
I love you site!!!! This is the only way I knew how to get ahold of you, wow who new how benifical the internet could be. ha ha.
Anyway, I am putting together a book about Pastor Larry and asking everyone to submit to me stories of how he impacted you, changed you, inspired you, made you laugh and what you will miss most. We are going to give this to Shirley as a surprise and I am also going to work on getting it published. The title is called "The Gentle Giant" I am going to enlist the help of my boss and all proceeds will go for Shirley. We will also be selling them after she gets her copy as well. I will keep you posted. Have you checked out yet?????? Great place to connect.
So if you know of anyone who would like to contribute that would be great. My email is and they can put Pastor Larry in the subject box. Have a blessed day!ps: I am sure Cassia did great!!!