Saturday, September 13, 2008

Always Better When We're Together!!!!!

Warning: Tons of photos ahead!

Scenes from our ongoing Vacation ~ I always try to make things we wouldn't normally have, when we are on holiday.
Our first day of week #2 we went for a hike in Paradise Valley.
Pine Falls
Our very own butterfly whisperer.
The Crew

Ummmm...ya... OK... Moving on...
Glorious. These mountains still make us stand in awe...
Tof & I made a fire pit and have been taking advantage of it!
Even Cricket gets excited when we head out for "Shmores" ~ she has to be in on the food-action!
Playin' games. Mexican Train-y-O!

My Daddy took Tof to Wheat Montana on their trip back to the Creative Woodworking weekend, so this was sorta nostalgic for him. This was the girls' first trip... and ... um... we won't mention what # this was for J...
We traveled to some Ghost towns nearby. This was a flour mill in Pony during the Gold Rush.
Virginia City was the next stop. We had a little lunch and enjoyed our walk back through time.
Boardwalks! Aren't they fun?
Nifty little shops. No, the coffee wasn't really 10 cents.

In Nevada City there is a Music Hall. You can hear wurlitzers and pipe organs or watch little movies for 5 - 25 cents.

Back home to more s'mores! ! !
Yesterday we stuck close to home. I did some laundry. J and I went to get creamer for our coffee. Tofer has been recording tracks. The girls read and knitted. (Minda finished her scarf, Mom!) We decided to attend Saturday Night Service at Journey Church with Don & Jen. Afterwards we went to their place for ice cream, coffee, and Star Trek. Today is more laundry and a trip to the grocery to pick up chocolate for our fireside time tonight.

What an amazingly blessed time this has been. J goes back to work Wed. Cassia is back to work Tues. We'll begin school again on Wed. All with refreshed souls!

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whittakerwoman said...

Oh, i miss me some mountains! Your kids are just beautiful! Looks like you had a great time. H