Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of Good Changes, Desires and Thrushes

Vacations over. We are back to school and work. God definately reshreshed and revitalized us. Still, life-as-normal was a difficult adjustment this week. We were worn out and ready for the weekend!! Everyone is sleeping in except me.

The birdsong woke me this morning. We sleep with our windows open and the Thrushes were in full chorus before the sun had even thought of peeking over the mountains. The mornings are crisp and clear as autumn fast approaches. It's lovely to look across the valley dressed in its russets and golds and auburns. I'm getting that cozy, nesting feeling again and I must say it is delicious! Shivers of delight ran through me sipping my first cup of coffee on the deck and watching the curls of steam misting the air. I savored its warmth more than normal; cradling it in my hands, hugging it to me. Mmmmm... I can't wait for Apple Crisp, and fires (anyone want to pawn some firewood off on us again??? :0) ), and woolens wrapped around me...

Friends who know me well know that I rise early, Thrushes or not. One such friend called me in the wee hours of the dawn to chat. I love that. No one awake, whispering and giggling as quietly as possible so it stays that way - makes me feel like a naughty dibbin. :o)

She called to tell me she needed Christmas ideas! (Presents are never unwelcome!) I promised I would post on some of my latest passions. So away we go - in no particular order of DESIRE:

DEMTER in: Dirt, Basil, Dregs, Earl Grey, Grass, Leaher, Lilac, Mildew, Mulled Cider, Ocean, Paperback, Pipe Tabacco, Rain, Salt Air, Saw Dust, This is Not a Pipe, Thunderstorm, Hot toddy, Apple Blossom. :oD

Nikon Bounce Flash

Nikkor 18-200 lens8X11 Portfolio

Becca Van Fleet Pottery Mugs

Paper starlights

Faryn Swallow necklace

Flokati rugs

Origins Ginger spray

Ikea's Square frames

All Expense paid trip to Maine (Boothbay in particular), But I'd also settle for PEI or the Greek Isles!!!

Benefit's 'Maybe Baby'!

Scones! Cinnamon Chip, or Cranberry Orange are my FAVES.

Harney's Autumn Sunset Tea. Or Ibis Dark Aztec Coffee Beans!

SorapotFairly light, bareminerals. Just the foundation.

Also the Bare Vitamins, a new Kabuki Brush, and lipstick in Rose.Potted herbs ~ since I can't have a garden.Em's Camera Straps This book and a few more...

Pangea Organics Skincare: Egyptian Cal & Blood Orange cleanser, French Rosemary or Argentinean Tangerine Toner, Migerian Ginger cream - nothing clears my skin, but these let me feel good about what is going on it.

I'm sure there is a ton more that I could come up with, but here you go! Gifts in every category (& price) under the rainbow. Your turn!! What do you want for Christmas???


Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend, this is just what I wanted!

Deeapaulitan said...

click on the photos, S, and they'll take you to sites where you can get the products...

Enjoyed our chat. Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement.

Love you