Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God of Sweet Surprise

We're vacationing. It's our 1st time off in a year with James and we are relishing 'face time' with the Man!

We thought we would just be at home. We have had a lot of extra expenses this year and with 1 daughter ready for college and 2 more graduating high school in May '09, we didn't feel like we could justify the expenses of a vacation away. Then God surprised us.

J's dad called the day before our vacation started. He called to relay some not-so-happy news, but as they talked and Dad found out we had time off he asked if we would like to come home for a visit.

See, Dad is a family man. It has been 5 years or more since his whole family has been together under one roof. He turned 68 on the 4th and his birthday wish was to have us all with him for the occasion.

It was as much a blessing for us as it was for him. I think, as Mom would say, I had 'skin hunger'. I was missing being hugged & kissed. I was missing those little back rubs, and pats while I was making a pot of coffee or cutting up a salad. Those moments when a hand is laid on your shoulder as someone squeezes by, and quick little peach kisses atop my head. Mom has the best caresses. She just reaches up and strokes your cheek for no particular reason, and for that moment you feel like you are the most wonderful person on earth. No one loves your kids like your family. It was just plain good to see the kids be totally at ease and their heart tanks being filled to overflowing. They laughed, played pickleball & farkle, chased Conner, made him laugh, helped in the kitchen, went with Shaun to get in some rounds of Folf, watched football, learned to knit, and so much more just because we were with Grampa & Grama 24/7. They all saw friends and were excited to do so, but they were just as excited that Uncle Shaun, Auntie Anna, Conner (and Stella), Uncle Joel, Grama, and Grampa were all going to be there for them to chill with.

Moses Lake seems like another world now. It feels like a lifetime ago that we were a part of that culture; a part of that scenery. No Mountains. Lake, lake and more lake. Sagebrush. And sweet heat. Good ole boys. Fresh fruits and vegies galore. Friendships built over a lifetime (GHC peeps - YOU ROCK!). We miss each of those things, but God has brought us to a good land. Here where He has planted us now we are growing to love waterfalls and creeks instead of deep lakes. Every morning and evening we watch God's glory play across the sky over the Spanish Peaks as the sun rises and sets. Here we don't plant a garden, but flowers bloom even without bidding. There are still good ole boys, but they co-habitate with bohemian gypsies and earthmuffins and movie stars. Friends are slow in coming, but we haven't been here a lifetime yet.

I shed some tears being in Moses again. Mostly the self pity kind; the kind that let me know I am definitely not dead and am still being crucified to my flesh (such a fun realization). One of these days maybe, just maybe, Christ will truly be the ONE fully alive in me.

I am so thankful that He still blesses us in spite of my immaturity. That His great delight is in seeing my soul refreshed and renewed in Him.

We still have a week to find more love and rest in it. What sweet surprises yet await, I wonder?


Aubrey said...

Oh, it sounds like a wonderful vacation! The best, actually. Enjoy it, friend!

Sara said...

How glad you were able to go back. It's always bittersweet going "home". You weave such a beautiful to read. Miss you! xxoo

Sabrina said...

I wish I was not so busy, I would totally come ML if I had even one day. But alas my week is to full for me to even think about coming over! I am so glad you are all having a good time with your family.