Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Into '09

2009 is going to be a year of big changes for our family. With high school ending in May, all 3 kids will be off on new life adventures by Autumn. We relished each other's company during the holidays knowing Thanksgiving and Christmas may never look the same again.
We see God in every moment of life right now. It isn't "magical" or even "awe-inspiring" so much as sobering. The preciousness of each day granted and the joys, trials, sufferings, and even the mundane within it are His work and grace flowing from His heart to us that, in the end, we might glorify His name. Our prayer for years has been that as the kids go out into the world that they would be shot as arrows, that they would be made straight a sturdy, and fly true - hitting the mark. Now we have to look to the future, in faith, believing and hoping that that is exactly how God has fashioned them through us and those who have linked arms with us.
But we still have to finish the school year! :o)

With one day left until it was back to the books, I made the most of yesterday. Here's some scenes.
Sir Nimbalo absorbing the rays of January sun on the front porch post.
He is too cute!
Rockford, bright and early, with Sara. We hadn't gotten together for a couple months, so we set a date, but it was cut short - SOOOO we'll be doing this again very soon!
(Photo by Sara!) She is so pretty.
Lunch date with Babe-o-liscious! It's been weeks. Being a pastor at the holidays doesn't allow for much spare time. That and being worn out has kept the date nights at bay. So, we settled for a date afternoon, even though Monday's are technically family day. We went to Cat Eye for lunch and then took a drive and listened to Matt Chandler. Love that guy!

We also had a chance to talk and reconnect a bit.
It was a great day!
Now onward! Last 4.5 months of High school - here we come!


Sabrina said...

Wow it is so hard to imagine all of your kids out of school. Do they all have plans of what they want to do next?

naomi said...

i see 2 pretty ladies in that picture!

Deeapaulitan said...

Cassia is my tenative one. She knows what she would like to do but doesn't take nice, steady, firm steps to get there. Journalism and music are her goals. Tof is pretty set on some kind of worship school. He would like to do an internship, but J is pretty set against it if it is going to take his entire savings to do it & nothing more than the experience to show for it (no degree or credits toward one). He'll probably end up at a Bible College with a worship emphasis. Minda is still heading toward Biblical archaeology, but is open to God closing those doors and leading her somewhere else. I'm checking into MBC for at least this next year. It is a "stay home" option for her and still getting her closer to a goal.