Saturday, January 10, 2009

slow beginnings

I've been struggling this week with what to post. Life is normal. Probably much the same as yours. We are waking up, making beds, getting breakfast, doing schoolwork, shoveling snow, going to work, making dinner, letting the dog in and out, and trying to stay in contact with friends and family from the warmth of our own home...
Kate and Kara came over to hang out with Tofer and Minda. But I'm falling down on my phototog-y-ness. I got no photos of them or of the muffins (I also added cinnamon and orange zest) I made for them while the played games. Nor did I phtotograph the process of making the Sundried Tomato/Garlic Hummus.
A new friend of Tofer's, Andrew, came over to jam while we were at small group - hence, no photos of them either.
I did manage to shoot a little snow removal, and Tofer helping out with worship at "The Gathering" last night. The Gathering is our churches vehicle to get new people together and plugged into small groups so they can build relationships. We worship, eat, and connect.
I love this shot. Tof just slipped on my grampa's old insulated long johns over his jeans! Nobody would have known they weren't snowpants, probably, if I hadn't said something, but it so reminded me of my childhood on the farm, I just had to say something!Minda bought snowboots! She hasn't owned a pair since we moved here 2 years ago. I had looked and looked for a pair for Christmas but couldn't find her size in my price range. She combined her other Christmas $ and what I gave her and bought these Kameks. :o)

Matt, Tofer, and Tanner led us in worship last night.

It's Saturday and we are going to try to get Christmas totally put away. I made Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. The kids have their monthly game night at Luckey's tonight.

Life is rolling slowly along.

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Heather said...

I love seeing the snow!! The scenery is just gorgeous!