Thursday, January 15, 2009

Call to Pray - - Ammended at the end

This morning I received a note from a friend about the Freedom of Choice Act. I had never heard anything about it. In researching and seeing that it is, indeed, real, I am now asking anyone and everyone who reads this blog to pray that this does not pass. We don't have much time, but God is always in the knick of time anyway! Read below, research for yourselves and then hit your knees, PLEASE.

Please join in praying the 9 days of prayers in the hope that FOCA will not pass. If you are apposed to abortion then there is bad news on the horizon.For those of you who do not know, the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is set to be signed if Congress passes it on January 21-22 of 2009. The FOCA is the next sick chapter in the book of abortion. If made a law then all limitations on abortion will be lifted which will result in the following:

1) All hospitals will be required to perform abortions upon request.
2) Partial birth abortions would be legal and have no limitations.
3) All U.S. tax payers would be funding abortions.
4) Parental notification will no longer be required.
5) The number of abortions will increase by a minimum of100,000 annually.

Perhaps most importantly the government will now have control in the issue of abortion. This could result in a future amendment that would force women by law to have abortions in certain situations (rape, down syndrome babies, etc) and could even regulate how many children women are allowed to have.

***I have since learned that this bill may not be passed on the 21-22nd of this month, however, it is still vital to be on our knees, seeking God's intervention and power in the face of what this bill could mean.
It is still a bill that is before congress that will likely pass (due to the majority of democratic support), it is still a bill that will give the government control, it still means that my taxes will be going toward taking a life, and that abortion could become common place. Catholics aren't the issue, in my opinion, life is. This bill is like putting a Herod into law who will be able to send out forces to kill at whim. The bill is real, even if the statement by the "novena" was misleading as to the extent of impact or the day of passage.

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