Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Final Goodbyes

Last Sunday at AF. There should have been a lot more camera flashes, but I get shy about saying, "Let me get a picture!" The girls, however, were alread standing close by and it seemed only natural to have them lean in. Hopefully, this week, as we gather with friends for final goodbyes, I'll get my courage up a bit. Why does it feel so intrusive to ask for that benefit /favor? Minda will cherish this photo in years to come and so will the rest of the girls. Yet, when it comes to being forward and requesting the honor of capturing the moment, I feel embarrased and graceless. I get butterflies just thinking about it! aaauuuggghhh!


Sara said...

Great shot! :) The secret is just not to ASK, but TELL them that you NEED a photo...and then snap away. Get some guts girl! Wish I was there to be pushy photo girl for you. xxoo

Sabrina said...

Do you guys know where you are heading yet?

Deeapaulitan said...

Sara ~ I wish you were going to be here too. For more reasons than that!

B ~ No. We'll be hanging out here for a few weeks, just not going to church to give everyone closure. We plan to go to Moses Lake sometime towards the end of the month, but not sure what after that.