Friday, February 13, 2009

Dreaming in Flowers (and vegies)

February always finds me sketching plans for the upcoming spring planting. Back in Washington I could actually carry out these plans, but here, they are only sketches.
I dream in flowers. Secret gardens of my mind. Tiptoeing through visions long embedded from stories, and whisps of memories become my nightly foray during this time of year.
I can smell the fresh earth, feel the moisture under my feet, name each plant as I go. And, I gather. I gather the ingredients for our salsa, I choose blossoms for the vases, and I hold moments in my heart that I will return to when next I dream. There is a sound of contented buzzing in the garden of my dreams. There are moss encrusted walls of rocks and the sun is always warm on my back as I wander.
But as I said, here & now, they are only longings - - only sketches.
And while I sketch, Minda knits.
Soon the seed catalogues will begin arriving. I'll pack them by my side instead of in a box. They'll while away the miles between destinations. Oh, I do hope we are settled in time to plant!
For now I'll just dream of playing in the dirt.


loefflermom said...

Have you had any contact from any churches?

We have all been fighting colds for over three weeks now. No fun. All is quiet on our end.

I haven't started dreaming of the garden yet. Spring still seems so far away and planting before Memorial day is hard with such late freezing here. Which companies do you get seed books from?

Know that you all are loved!


Deeapaulitan said...

No calls, bites, nibbles - but lots of apps out and lots of friends referring us to friends. Still in a holding pattern. :o)

My favorite seed catalogs are :
Territorial Seed Co.
Seed Savers Exchange
Cooks Garden
Renee's Garden
Seeds of Change
Baker Creek Rare Seed
& John Sheeper's

My favorite Rose catalog is Heirloom Roses.
Love you all to. Loved Michaels little Presidential priorities statement the other day!