Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old Man Winter (is getting soft in his old age)

Snow is still covering our mountain. Though, the ground is visible in spots. The snow is old, and crunchy. No diamond dust or powdery fluff. In spite of his grip, hope of Spring is poking through. Fuzzy buds are slowly unfurling from the tips of the Choke Cherry bushes.

Kale didn't mind the cool temps. Onesie was his choice of attire for the evening of our dinner at his place. "Naynomi" (as our little Lils would say) made amazing meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I had 2 helpings, folks. It was DE-lish! She and Peter then taught us to "poop on our neighbor" :oD (it's Rook, but the other one is more fun to say!) Peter won. Does that make him King of the dung hill?
We used the last of Cassia's anniversary gift this week too. We know how to strangle our gift certificate dollars! 3 months and several meals at Cat Eye later, we have exhausted it. :o)
J. always orders breakfast. The 'Cat'astrophy and the Mexi'cat' above and below. Gastronomic delights, both.
Peter and Naomi came by with some boxes for us! Packing ensued. Such a blessing.
J is officially done at the office on Saturday. We are continuing to spend our final days with friends.
Friends. :o) What a great remedy for Old Man Winter's blues.

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naomi said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed my cooking! I am making it again this week for worship practice if you want to stop in...