Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm Back

I would love to write a post about all that has happened since the last time I posted, but I think that would be way too long. So how about just some *highlights*?

In March we moved out of our home of 2 years on the Bridgers to a home God miraculously provided in Bear Canyon on the other side of the valley.
We didn't stay much longer than to unpack necessities before we drove over the mountains to Washington and into Mom & Dad's lives for the next month +.So as to not get behind on school, my mom gladly had us down to her place each morning. We left all our books there and just picked up each day where we had left off.

J. continued to seek God's plan for a new job and began filling out 20+ questionaires for Acts 29.
A29 is a church planting network that has had great success with the churches they have begun and pastors they have approved for lead planters. We had begun this process even before we moved from Washington, but put it on the back burner when we got the call to Bozeman.
In the meantime, Shaun, Anna, & Conner came up twice from Portland to be with us; Mom, Dad, J. and I went on a Rattlesnake Hills wine tour; Friends, Peter, Naomi and Kalen Moore (and Peter's brother, John) stopped in on their way through from Yakima; A day was whiled away in Leavenworth and Blackbird Island; We got together with oodles of friends at their homes & at Starbucks - (ahhhhh, Washington...); had meetings with elders to seek wisdom and find their hearts toward us one of love and excitement for our future; attended an MFI regional; and learned to knit!
At the end of April, J had finalized all the steps in A29 up to the assessment. Tyler (co-ordinater/director) called Wed. afternoon to tell us our appointment was set for Thurs. at 8 AM!! We packed quickly, made hotel reservations, and headed out!

J. and I hadn't had any time away (for anything other than a conference) for 3 years or more. We decided to do the assessment and then stay on San Juan for 2.5 days before driving back to Moses Lake.
It was beautiful. There is nothing, NOTHING like western Washington when the sun is happy and the wind is breathless.
We got the news on San Juan that we had been approved to be lead planters! Our next step would be to return to Bozeman and gather a core team of 40 adults. We already knew we had 4. One couple had approached us about this possibility, & another couple had come in on the prospect while we were in ML.

Sunday, our church family in ML prayed over us, layed hands on us, and commissioned us to be sent out to Bozeman.

God has done some miraculous things since we arrived home. Seeing Him working is truely amazing. We find ourselves at a loss for words often, but I never seem to be at a loss of tears. My heart is overwhelmed by His love.

This past Wednesday was the pay-off of the last 18 years of homeschooling. The kids officially graduated from Highschool!!! Onward into the big, wide world with hearts filled to the fullest with God! So blessed that their delight is in Him. I'll keep you posted on what happens next, but for now they are job hunting and getting drivers licenses, and want to be a part of this plant with their dad!

We had a big gathering at the house Friday to celebrate the Grads, Tofer turning 18, and our arrival home. 60+ people ended up coming out for hotdogs, bratwursts, ultimate frisbee, and fellowship. It was fabulous!

Across the valley, in a pool of water, surrounded by family, our dear friends had their baby while we were all partying. Lucia Mae (Lucy) Janssen arrived to be a little sister to Bella. I love you Sara (& Matt) - Can't wait to hold her and hear Bella chatter on about all her wonders! Hugs, sweet mama.
That about wraps it up. Please keep us in your prayers, hearts, & thoughts as we have a long road ahead and need God to be the One opening the doors and leading the way. I'll be updating a bit more regularly now - Promise!


Sara said...

Oh so fun to see that plan of God playing out in your lives...thanks for the "highlight reel" :) It's so fun to hear the stories and "God things". We can't wait to see you guys and introduce you to Lucy. xxoo

whittakerwoman said...

So fun to hear! I love it! H

Sabrina said...

I am so glad your back to blogging again I have missed reading what is going on in your life. It is so exciting to hear what God is doing in your lives and I will continue to pray for your journey ahead!

Staci said...

I've been reading your blog for quite a while, and I had certainly missed your wonderful posts and photos! Your life sounds to be on an amazing track and I'll include you in my prayers.

loefflermom said...

Glad to hear that you are back!!! Congratulations to the kids! That is awesome.

Our house is set to close June 26. Paul's last day of work is July 5. I have begun the process of gathering boxes and packing stuff up. Man do we have tons of books.

We are seeking God for the next step. I would still love to get that phone call.

Lots of love!