Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dred-ed take 2!

I decided to try a different approach to loading photos.
We seperated her hair into even sections.
With the lock powder and comb we set to work, back combing and teasing.
This was one of the first days. Reid thought they were awesome! Couldn't take his eyes off her!
Then we waxed them, and rubbed them. I need to take some new shots, because they are locking up really nicely. We are a little over a week into this journey and she is still in love with them. She just put her first "bead" in yesterday. Its a rock she found on a beach years ago the the tide had worn a hole through. It's pretty awesome!
I have two favorite stories so far.
Minda went to visit our local Bible college. She and Cassia toured one afternoon just after we had finished her dreds. Minda loves to dress 'colorfully'. She wears her Korean bird whistle always, and this day she added beaded earrings by reJeneration, a tie-dyed wrap skirt in earthtones and embroidery, and a head scarf that she didn't wrap her dreds in but just used as a long, flowing headband. Cassia is describing her siblings to the lady who is giving them the tour. "Tofer is musically gifted, and is also really good at sports. I enjoy music too. and Malinda is our artsy one. She creates things and draws and paints..."
The whole time that Cassia is saying this about Min, the lady has turned to Minda and is slowly going head to toe and back again with her eyes and nodding her head. Then she says, "Yah. Yah. I can see that about you, you sorta ooooze creativity." :oD
Moments later they were continuing their tour and met the administrator and president of the college. The administrator was 1st. Seeing Malinda he said, "Wow! I like your hair." (it looked a lot like it did in the photo with Reid) Minda thanked him and they continued to talk until the president came up and introduced himself. As he shook hands with Minda he simply told her his name and she told him hers and his eyes were glued to 'the hair'... the administrator pipes in with, "Yah, but he doesn't like your hair." and the president, sputtering, says, "Hey! Hey now, yes I do! Stop teasing me..." and then proceeds to tell Minda how he heard when Bob Marley died they found a new species of insect in his dreds... :oD
What is so funny to me is that in every other arena of Bozeman she doesn't stick out at a bit.
At The Co-op the day after we did them, when they were stilla mass of fluff and looking like a rats nest, one of the guys commented that they were going to be amazing and they looked great! HA HA!
I'll post more photos as they baby dreds mature. They already look more at home on her head. She has washed them twice and we rub and palm roll them whenever we feel like it. By Joel's wedding in October she is going to have great lookin' Locks!
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whittakerwoman said...

LOVE THEM! I can not wait to see them done! Love, love, love them! H

Aubrey said...

I am loving the dreds! Can't wait to see more pics. Welcome back to Blog-land, friend. Sure have missed tales of you and yours!

loefflermom said...

No posts for a while. Everything ok?