Sunday, June 07, 2009

Glancing back over my shoulder

How did Sunday come so soon??
What a strange, busy week. Driver's tests, new jobs, beginning of Ultimate frisbee league, new hairstyles, snow and a golf tournament. (+ all the friends dropping in and us dropping by their places...)

As you know, from below posts, both Cassia and Tof are licensed to drive.

We popped over Tuesday to see Matt, Sara, Bella & 4 day old Lucy. She is absolutely precious. We sat for hours and listened to her newborn song of hums, and sighs. She made us laugh with her stretching, pouting faces. Bella showed us some Yoga moves, before running off (in snowboots, 2 coats, and 2 layers of clothings as well! - did I mention the crazy weather?) with Nana to fly a kite.
Minda began nannying several little ones (2.5 yrs, 1 yr., 4 months), & Tofer has been doing some part time landscaping while also putting in applications at several establishments.

The guys joined the local Ultimate Frisbee league and I got to see my husband in a Hawaiian shirt for the first time ever! (They are team 'Aloha'!) It was a FREEZING, blustery evening, but they came home with a win and smiles! (the girls stayed home and watched 7 Brides for 7 Brothers)

Minda also began the journey of dredlocks this week. She ordered a kit for Elements of Earth - a comb, lock peppa, and wax. She's excited!
The weather has been absolutely crazy! We have had no real 'summer' weather since last Sunday! Wind, rain, thunderstorms, more wind and then, yesterday, it snowed! Thank you, Jesus for a warm, cozy home!

J played again this year in the Young Life golf tournament. When he played last year they had amazingly hot weather and beautiful blue skies. This year they played in high winds and, at the final holes, in rain. To add to the fun, they came in dead last! Dead last, for a good cause. :o) He loves this group of guys, so it didn't matter (too much) that it was hack golf - he had a great time!


Sara said...

Fun pics...always love to hear what your fam has been up to :) Can't wait to see the baby dreads!

Deeapaulitan said...

Baby dreds = POOF! and :D