Tuesday, January 05, 2010

One Small Change

I signed up to challenge myself to make "one small change" that will have impact on our enviornment this year through a blog I linked to from a friend's blog.  About 3.5 years ago I did this same kind of thing (paring down, changing habbits, giving things up), it lead to a lifelong friendship.  What will it lead to this time, I wonder? 
My commitment for the year is to buy more local.  I do pretty much 100% of what the other suggestions (stop using paper products, use energy saving blubs, recycle, use reusable bags...) were, but this is one I can improve in. 

You may have read the post below of how tight our budget is this month, but since I had made this commitment I searched out what I could get from local farmers, maufacturers, and businesses.  Most of the produce I found was local or from the county - tomatos, cucumbers, grn. onion, grn. peppers, & carrots.  I bought local salsa, locally roasted coffee and locally produced granola and milk.  Though the crackers I bought were not local, the egg roll wrappers, the eggs, the yogurt and the butter were all Montana produced and mostly small companies/farms!  Feels good to have a goal!
Very excited to begin this journey!

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like a do-able goal. I find locally grown and produced things taste better most of the time.