Sunday, January 31, 2010

Odd Poppets

I love watching my kids create.
Cassia with her photography, editing, singing or card making. She does things with photos that make me dream. Her voice lilts about the house sweetly, trying new ways of singing the same ole songs.
Tofer with his cooking, dancing and music. He always has some new move to show us, some new dish he's been experimenting with that he can't wait to have us try, and the keyboard is never at rest when he is around.
And Minda with just about everything else. Knitting, collages, painting, drawing, or sewing. Even the way she dresses! It's obviously what she was created for. I've been knitting twice as long, but she is more consistant and twice as fast. She is happiest in the middle of a big mess of scraps and thread.
These are her latest venture. I call them Odd Poppets. She creates them from organic wool felt, without a pattern. She has an idea in her head and now it's in her hands... or, rather, in Conner's hands. The bird above was in Conner's stocking for Christmas. His name is Armstrong. His dream is to one day fly so high he'll land on the moon, but as you can see he is of a flightless variety (unless, of course, Conner is giving him some help!) Maybe, someday, they'll go there together. Maybe.
Her newest Poppet is a magician. He is going to be a marionette when Malinda finally gets his strings tied to his sticks. I call him Mergatroid, but she hasn't officially named him yet. She is hoping to sell them to raise money for her upcoming trip to Isreal. (June)
Wonder what her vast imagination and deft little needle will create next?
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Juanita said...

Cool imaginings :-)

Anonymous said...

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