Monday, January 04, 2010

With Sara

I seldom get out of the house it seems. Not that I am complaining - I love being home. But when Matt and Sara called me to help them surprise their family after Christmas, I knew I would be setting aside some time - Time for Sara. The day after they arrived I met them at the Co-op for lunch (Lucy snacked on her hat).
Sara had some work to do, so after lunch we whisked off to the Daily and shared a scone (well, I had a nibbled - that nursin' mama can pack it in and you would never know it!!) while she took care of business. Lucy and I snuggled and played peek-a-boo.
New Year's Day we drove out to Lion's Ridge and spent a few more hours with them (this time as a family) before they headed out to MN. Love them. Miss them already. So blessed to have had HOURS - even though it felt like moments.
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Sara said...

Ahhhh....*long sigh*. It was TOO SHORT!! I'm counting the days until May so we can have more days together. Lazy days. Not running around all places in the cold. Lucy will probably be running around all places by then, however ;-) Thanks for the wonderful photos. *love* miss you already too.