Friday, April 09, 2010

Earthday - 20 reasons to care about our enviorment

left to right
Fairy's Eye View (forest floor), Into the Matchstick Forest (hike), (top) Panarama (clear views), (bottom) Camp Fire (natual resources for us to use), (top) Wild Grasses, (bottom) Pure Rain, (top)Madison ( fishing), (bottom) Watchers (observing habitat), Ahhh! (walk in the woods), Oosle (unadulterated falls and mountain streams), (lft) Sunset, (rt) Forest, (below) Ride! (biking trails), Tree Swinger (enjoying the fresh air), Snow Caps (means water and green months ahead), Doe (wildlife), Camp (away from the hustle and bustle), Meadow & Mead (wildflowers), Downstream (clean rivers), The Beauty Of It All.
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